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News, 9/23/2016

Finland grants international protection only to those who need it

Photo: Asylum seekers' reception centre in Helsinki

The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for identifying from among the asylum seekers who have arrived in Finland those who qualify for international protection. This ensures that protection is given to those in need in accordance with international obligations.

All asylum seekers are not entitled to protection. In recent times, an increasing number of those seeking asylum in Finland have not met the grounds for international protection.

The Finnish Immigration Service is paying closer attention to the credibility of asylum seekers' stories. Matters influencing the decision include whether a viable option for the applicant is internal relocation – that is, moving to a different location in the country of origin. These assessments are made based on updated information from the country of origin. Prior court decisions in similar cases also influence the decisions. The decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and the EU Court of Justice are also taken into account.

Each asylum decision is made individually, based on the person's situation and information about the country of origin at the time. In other words, every asylum seeker's right for international protection and whether the person can return to the home country is considered case by case.


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Updated 9/26/2016

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