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News, 4/5/2017

Ambassador Tarja Fernández met with Somalia president Mohamed Farmaajo

Suurlähettiläs ja Somalian Presidentti
Ambassador Tarja Fernández and Somalia president Mohamed Farmaajo

Ambassador Tarja Fernández met with Somalia president Mohamed Farmaajo during her visit to Mogadishu.

During the meeting Ms Fernández and Mr Farmaajo discussed bilateral relations between Finland and Somalia, the reconstruction of the country and Finnish development aid.  In their discussion Ms Fernández and Mr Farmaajo affirmed the good and unproblematic relations between Finland and Somalia. Ambassador Fernández affirmed Finland's commitment to the rebuilding of Somalia and the importance of Somali ownership of the leadership of its development. President Farmaajo expressed his gratitude for Finland's support and gave an overiew of Somalia's plans of renewal. Both parties expressed their satisfaction in cooperation between Finns and Somalis. 

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Updated 4/5/2017

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